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Roof Snow Removal for Flagstaff

We offer residential roof top snow removal and commercial roof top snow removal for the Flagstaff Arizona area.

Residential Rooftop Snow Removal - $200/hr per man. ($2000 minimum) 

Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal - $200/hr per man. ($10,000 minimum)

Minimum fee is due upon arrival. Installments due as work progresses.

Download our snow removal ccntract / current rate sheet (winter 2022-2023) 


Roof top snow removal from homes in Flagstaff Arizona

It is cheaper to shovel the roof than to repair structural and water damage.
Heavy snow on the roof can cause roof trusses to crack and fail.

We use only plastic edged shovels for rooftop snow removal to help protect the surface.

For ice dam removal, we offer high-temp water/steam removal service. 

Commercial Roof-top Snow Removal - $150/hr

Bookmans roor collapsed under snow

  • Partial or complete snow removal
  • Snow Density and Weight measurement
  • Drain Clearing
  • Ice Melt application

During heavy snow years several commercial roofs in Flagstaff have collapsed under the weight of snow and water including the City ice rink, Hastings, Bookman's, Safeway and JoAnn Fabrics.

Snow Weight and Density Testing

Highwood Construction offers Snow weight/density testing.

Roofs and Decks in Flagstaff are only designed to hold about 4 feet of medium density snow.

Snow that falls from the sky has a density between 5% and 15%.  But once it is on the ground or on a roof, it can quickly reach a density of 50% due to thawing and refreezing.  Snow that has reached this density needs only be about 20" thick to collapse a roof in Flagstaff that has been built to code!  Additionally, any rain after a snowfall will be absorbed into the snow piles making the snow much heavier.  This type of snow loading, explains in part the collapse of several commercial roofs in Flagstaff, including the Hastings bookstore. Bookmans, and the Flagstaff Ice Rink. 


DISCLAIMER:  Removing snow from roofs is dangerous to roof surfaces.  Rooftop snow removal  and ice dam removal service should only be used to avoid the chance of greater damage occurring to the interior of the home or business due to leaks from ice dams or to avoid the possibility of roof collapse.  Removing snow from a roof can cause loss of granules from composition shingles as well as incidental nicks and scratches resulting in minor cosmetic blemishes.  Additionally, Ice dam removal should only be requested if the ice presents a clear and present danger of causing physical harm to person or property.  When a large chunk of ice falls it often damages composition shingles by taking a piece of the shingle with it. The customer must understand and agree that roof top snow removal and ice dam removal are emergency services intended to protect person and property.  Snow and ice removal is a temporary fix, intended to lessen the snow load on the roof and decrease the formation of icicles and ice dams on the roof.  Iciccles stuck to holiday lights and heat cables have been known to break lose from the roof and swing into windows causing damage to both the window and the electrical cable the icicle was stuck to. Any damages from snow loads or ice build-up, or the removal process are not covered by Highwood Construction.

Ice Dam Removal:

picture of ice dam

Ice dams form on the eves of roofs and can cause water to back up under the roofing and into the building.

ice dam on a house in Flagstaff AZ

The ice dam in this picture caused leaking into the house above the window. The leak damaged the drywall and window sill.

After we removed the snow (as seen in the picture above) we then removed the ice dam and installed heat tape.  Additionally we installed flashing above the window to help prevent future leaks.

Ice dams cause water from melting snow to puddle and be diverted under shingles and into the home. They also block gutters and drains on flat commercial roofs, turning the roof into a virtual swimming pool!


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