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Sturctural Repairs

We offer structural repairs for residentail and commercial buildings. 

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Here is why you shouldn't do it yourself:

The owner-builder of this home didn't hire a reputable contractor and didn't properly rate the support beams:

Fortunately no one was injured or killed when this major support beam failed!

beam picture  beam pic

This beam broke under a moderate snow load and the roof sagged about 4". 
If the snow load had been severe, the whole ceiling may have crashed into the living room.

We removed the damage, raised the roof back to its original height, and installed a new Glue-Laminated Beam that is properly rated for the snow loads.

We also repaired a broken pier under the house, and doubled the rafters.

glb beam   Glb beam

Don't' let this happen to you.  Know your contractor's reputation before you hire him! 
We have proudly served the Flagstaff area for more than 20 years and Mark Haughwout is a third generation contractor. 

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