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Painting the exterior of a home near Flagstaff Arizona

Highwood Construction offers Interior and Exterior Residential Painting

Exterior Painting in Progress in Forest Highlands
  • Airless Spray Painting
  • Pressure Washing
  • Surface Refinishing
  • Faux Paint Finishes
  • Custom Texture Matches
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Water Sealing
  • Wood Trim Staining
  • Varnishing
  • Enameling
  • Graffiti Protection
  • Concrete  and Masonry Sealing
  • Deck Staining

Exterior Painting:

For exterior repainting, we pressure wash first and then scrape off any remaining loose paint.  After that we apply primer to any exposed wood.  Next, we caulk extensively around doors, windows and trim to help your home become more energy efficient.  Finally we apply the top coats of paint, protecting areas by properly masking and covering as needed.

Caulking windows on an exterior paint job in Flagstaff AZ

We take the time to caulk the windows to the window trim.  This helps to energy seal the home and provides a finished look.

We recommend and use Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards brand paints.

Before:                                                                     After:

preparing a house to be painted in flagstaff (before picture)     Exterior house painted in Flagstaff by Highwood Construction (after picture)

House being prepped for re-painting (before picture)     Completed painting of a house in Flagstaff AZ (after picture)
This house in Flagstaff with T-111 siding required several gallons of XIM Peel-Bond primer to restore the condition of the siding, before the top-coats of Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint were applied.  We also installed new Visions 3000 windows and replaced all the window trim, as well as replacing several pieces of rotted trim. We stained the Decks with Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes solid color latex deck stain.

T111 siding damaged by the elements in Northern Arizona     T111 Siding after being repaired by Highwood Construction of Flagstaff AZ
To repair this T-111 siding in Munds Park, we pressure washed it first, then scraped off the loose paint. Next we sanded the existing surface, then applied XIM Peel-Bond primer, followed by two coats of Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint.  We back-rolled the first top-coat of paint to help penetrate and fill the cracks in the siding.


Painting Exterior of home in flagstaff 


We have the right equipment and great personnel to get the job done right!





airless paint spraying in Flagstaff

Airless paint spraying provides     
an even coat with great coverage. 

It is important to spray top to bottom on surfaces such as this, to avoid lap marks. 







Proper Painting Preparation

This is what the trim looked like before we began work on this Flagstaff home.
Notice how the previous painter did not paint the top edge of the trim with the trim color.
(For more examples of our competition's work, see "The Other Guys")

Exterior Trim before being prepped for paint

After pressure washing the house, we beveled the front edge of the trim to keep water from accumulating on the top edge:

Beveling exterior trim to promote water shedding.

After beveling the trim, we applied a coat of high-quality acrylic primer.
The next step was to caulk the window trim to the siding and to the window itself.
Finally we applied two coats of Dunn-Edwards Evershield low-sheen exterior paint to the siding and trim.

Notice how we painted the top edge of the trim with the trim color, even though the customer cannot see this area.

Properly painted exterior trim and siding

The discerning customer may also notice how we caulked the corner board to the siding. 
A good caulking job costs more initially and takes longer, but is worth the difference in energy savings, durability and appearance.

Exterior Staining

Exterior stain is best applied by brush.  Our competition will often apply the stain by airless sprayer, but such a method often results in irreversible lap marks being visible for years to come.  It cost more for us to apply the stain by brush, but it is the right way!

Staining a house on a scissor lift

The right equipment makes our paint jobs better.  In the picture above, our crew is replacing two cedar boards damaged by woodpeckers before re-staining this home in Locket Ranches. 

Semi-Transparent stain on a wood garage door in Flagstaff AZ

This garage door in Flagstaff Ranch neighborhood was first pressured washed and then we stained it by hand with Semi-Transparent oil based stain. Semi-Transparent stain allows beautiful wood grain to show through while adding color and protection.

Concrete and Paver Sealing

Sealing Concrete and Pavers will help protect them from deterioration and will also enhance the color.  Several things can cause deterioration of concrete surfaces in Flagstaff, including: Salts, Freezing, and extreme weather. Applying sealer will also help protect concrete and pavers from absorbing stains.  It is important to thoroughly clean the surfaces before applying sealer.  Pressure washing is recommended.

Applying concrete sealer to pavers in Flagstaff AZ    Applying "Arizona Seal" brand sealer to concrete pavers in Flagstaff AZ

When applying sealer it is important to roll it out in both directions. 

Interior Painting:

Walls and Ceilings:

Interior painting involves properly covering floors and furniture first.  We then repair the caulking at window and door trim.  Nail holes are filled will paintable putty.  We also provide drywall repair service to fix the holes or cracks in your walls before repainting. Finally we apply the finish coats of paint.  In the Flagstaff area, many customers prefer a 'satin' or 'egshel' low sheen latex paint on the walls.  These finishes are more durable and washable than flat paint.  However, flat paint will hide the most imperfections on the wall surface and is easiest to touch-up. 

Interior Trim and Door Painting:

Trim and doors are best painted with a high quality acrylic enamel.  Acrylic paints have better color retention and don't yellow like oil-based / alkyd paints.  Modern acrylic enamels also dry hard and have excellent adhesion.  We prefer Sherwin-Williams brand 'Pro-Classic' enamel paint for all interior trim painting.  It is important to understand that not all water-borne semi-gloss finishes are actually enamels.  While it is possible to run down to the local home center and buy a low cost semi-gloss latex paint, such products will fail to perform like a true acrylic enamel.

Interior Staining:

Interior trim that is stained will often benefit from a fresh coat of polyurethane.  For kitchen cabinets, we prefer to prepare the surfaces with a tsp substitute which helps to remove grease and grime while leaving the surface ready for a new coat of varnish.

Commercial and Industrial Painting

Our Commercial painting includes numerous Flagstaff landmarks, including the Flagstaff Visitors Center, The Flagstaff City Library, City Hall, The Murdock Center, The Municipal Courthouse, The City Prosecutors building, Cogdill Recreation center, Wildcat waste water treatment plant and more.

Our Industrial painting also includes refinishing a 1.2 million gallon water storage tank and a 2 million gallon water storage tank for the city of Flagstaff.

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