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Drywall Options

The terms "Drywall" and "Sheetrock" are both brand names for Gypsum Wallboard.

Wallboard can be finished in several ways including:

  • Smooth finish - the most expensive and finest quality finish.
  • Santa Fe smooth - for those who want some texture, this is the most similar to plaster.
  • Skip Trowel - a heavier, knife appled texture that covers more problems.
  • Knockdown - applied with a "hopper" and then knocked down with a finishing knife.  Expensive to repair.
  • Orange Peel - applied at a higher pressure than knockdown.  Expensive to repair.
  • Crow's Foot - requires a special brush, uncommon in Arizona. 
  • Roller Texture - rarely seen these days.
  • Sand Texture - formerly used in commercial building  to keep fingers off the walls.  Rarely seen today.

Square corners and bull-nose corners are both available as well as radius bead.  For remodeling projects, we can match your existing wall board.

Floating drywall as part of a laundry room remodel

Proper gypsum wallboard finishing involves the following steps:

Fastening the wallboard with screws (never nails!)

Installing and embedding the joint tape

Floating the joints and screw heads

Sanding between coats

Finishing with texture or a final float

Painting with 2-coats of high quality acrylic paint

For our new construction projects we always recommend a smooth finish or a knife applied finish. They are higher quality and easier to repair.

Dustless drywall or sheetrock sanding

For our remodeling projects, we have various methods for reducing dust when finishing drywall, including vacuum assited sanding and wet sanding.

Keeping your home or work place dust free is a top concern!

For the highest quality, we recommend using 5/8" drywall. It is denser and thicker than 1/2" drywall, providing greater insulation and also reducing sound transfer between rooms. 5/8" Type X is required in certain areas. Type X has greater fire resistance and is often used in garages and commercial buildings, but is a great choice for residential homes for the discerning customer.


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