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Commercial Construction

Northland Eye Care Office Remodel:

A new curved reception desk for Northland EyeCare of Flagstaff Az.  The desk features a curved design, brushed stainless laminate and cherry stained wood.

Here is a new curved reception desk we installed at Northland Eye Care as part of a total office remodel.
The desk features brushed stainless laminate on the front and cherry stain on the curved wood.

Monument Valley High School Cafeteria Remodel:

Cutting cinder block wall

  Installing doors in cinder block walls

  with cutting as needed (see picture at left)!




School cafateria Remodel project Northern Arizona

Above: Removing 24' of load bearing wall in preparation for a new High School cafeteria service area.

Below: demolition of the MVHS stage. 

MVHS remodel including demolition of a stage

Thankfully this 2000 s.f. floor did not all end up in the dumpster.
We contacted a local used materials company that was happy to take the 1 1/4" plywood off our hands,
saving over $3000 in lumber from going to the landfill.

Indian Bible College Dorm:

Floor finishing at IBC in Flagstaff AZ

Pouring a new concrete floor as part of a complete remodel of a building for Indian Bible College in Flagstaff.

Framing up the walls at Indian Bible College dorm by Highwood Construction in Flagstaff Arizona

Framing up the kitchen and living room walls for the new IBC student housing.

NAU Lecture Hall Remodel

Framing the floor and seating system at an NAU lecture hall by Highwood Construction, Flagstaff AZ

Rebuilding the floor and seating system after Asbestos removal at NAU

City Hall Truss Repair Project

We installed over 2000 pounds of custom truss plates and bolts to shore up the old trusses at Flagstaff City Hall:

Preparing to install giant truss plates at Flagstaff City Hall

These 1/2" thick steel plates were installed along with huge bolts to the heavy beam trusses in the City of Flagstaff Council chambers in order to repair trusses that were failing due to poor design by the "other guys".

Several of the plates had to be welded on site to existing beam brackets:

Welding new truss plates to existing beam brackets at Flagstaff City Hall

City hall was open when we welded the brackets in place.  We had to provide not only fire protection but also needed to exhaust the welding fumes to the exterior of the building. 

Here is our crew installing one of the new steel plates in the attic area above the City of Flagstaff council chambers:

Repairing bad trusses

Our team has gained a reputation for fixing problems created by bad contractors. 
On this project we had to take special fire precautions due to the extreme temperature created by the heat from the welding.

Our Commercial Construction Services include:

Metal-Stud Framing - Drywall - Painting - Welding - Steel Framing

Demolition - Ceiling Tile Repair - Complete Remodeling - Cabinets

Commercial Tenant Improvements - Layout and Design Consultation

General contracting Services and In-House Construction Crews



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