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Quiet Cool Whole House Attic Fans

Highwood Construction is an authorized installer of Quiet Cool fans.

We are currently ONLY offering this service in our New Construction and Remodel projects

Quiet Cool offers innovative designs for cooling your home or business while providing for fresh air ventilation.

diagram about how whole house fans work

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans work by drawing in fresh air through windows and expelling stale air into the attic and out the gable vents.

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans cool both the living area in your home as well as the attic space above your home.

Stealth Pro whole house fan installed in an attic

The sound insulated duct system and high efficiency motor in the Stealth Pro line make the Whole House Fan a very quiet investment.

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans are far superior than traditional Air Conditioning systems when installed in Flagstaff Arizona.
Because Flagstaff has cool nights, Quiet Cool fans are an ideal solution for cooling your home.
When the sun sets, turn on the fan and feel the cool air drawn into your home.
Only a few windows need to be opened, preferably at the opposite end of the home from the fan, so that the cool outside air is drawn all through the house.

Note from Mark Haughwout, owner of Highwood Construction:
I installed a Quiet Cool fan in my personal home. We are able to run the fan for 1 to 4 hours after the sun goes down and our whole house cools off rapidly.
In the morning we close the windows and our home stays cool all day.
My wife calls it the "air conditioner" because it cools the house so quickly.

Please visit the Quiet Cool Website for more information about their ventilation products including:

Advanced Whole House Fans

Solar powered attic fans

Garage exhaust fans

Quiet Cool logo.

How much does it cost to install?

A basic unit installed in a remodel project is typically in the $4500 range.
However the cost can be as low as $3000 if installed while the house is being built.

Prices vary based on the size of the unit installed and the difficulty of the installation.


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