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Highwood Construction - is a certified TREX Pro contractor.

How much does a Trex deck cost?  Try the Trex Calculator

When looking at your results be sure to click the "Best" button at the top to choose Trex Transcends decking.

Multiply the results by 2.5 and you will have a good budget for a basic rectangular deck.
  Keep in mind that stairs will increase the cost as will other factors such as height above grade and size/shape of the deck.

For a firm estimate, plans are required.  We do offer in-house plans drafting.

Trex Transcends with Trex Signature Railings:

Trex Transcends decking with Trex Reveal Railings

Pictured above and below is Trex Transcends decking in TREE HOUSE color.
The railings are Trex Reveal aluminum railings in Black.

Trex Reveal Railings in Black on a Trex Transcends deck

Trex Reveal railings are great for preserving views into a treed backyard or greenbelt.

Since Trex Reveal railings are aluminum, they don't rust and are very low maintenance.

Trex Signature Railing with Cocktail Rail:

Trex decking with Signature railing and Trex Cocktail rail in Flagstaff AZ

This deck features Trex Transcends deck boards and Trex Signature railing.
The Trex Cocktail rail is attached with special brackets made by Trex.
Decking color: Vintage Lantern.

Trex Signature railing is all aluminum and therefore will not rust like wrought iron rails.

The deck steps have Trex deck boards for treads and Trex Fascia boards for risers.
The concrete landing pad and footers are colored concrete.

The Trex Signature posts on this deck were kept extra tall for future special lighting.
The Trex posts can be cut to any length. Code requires a minimum guardrail height of 36" for residential decks.

Trex deck with Trex Signature railing.  The deck is in Flagstaff Arizona

Wild Hog Brand Metal Railing:

Wild Hog brand welded wire metal railing installed around a deck in Flagstaff Arizona

This metal railing option allows for a very transparent deck railing option.

Pictured here is Wild Hog brand welded wire railing with a Redwood Frame.

We installed this railing on a deck in Kachina Village just south of Flagstaff Arizona.

Wild Hog brand metal deck railing installed on a deck in Kachina Village near Flagstaff Arizona.  The railing consists of black painted welded wire on a 4 inch by 4 inch grid.

Wild Hog railing is more expensive than traditional wood railings, but cheaper than composite railings. 

Wild Hog railing comes pre-painted in black and is a very durable, low-maintenance finish.

Wild Hog Railing Website:   http://www.wildhograiling.com

Here is an example of Wild Hog railing we installed on a log cabin:

Wild Hog railing in a redwood frame on a Log Cabin near Flagstaff.

For this cabin, we framed the Wild Hog railing with Redwood.
We stained the redwood before installation with SuperDeck Cedar Toner.
We built the stairs from 4x12 Doug-Fir.
We stained each piece before installation to insure that the stain penetrated the end grain of the treads.

Wild Hog with Trex Tiki Torch:

Wild Hog Railing in a Redwood Frame on a Trex Tiki Torch deck

The railing above is Wild Hog in a Redwood Frame. 
The deck is Trex Tiki Torch including a Tiki Torch colored fascia over the rim joist.

We stained the Redwood with SuperDeck oil toner.  Color: Canyon Brown

Tree Branch Metal Railing:

Tree branch style metal railing for interior or exterior use

For truly custom railing, consider this tree branch style metal rail pictured above. 
In the picture above, the railing is used on an interior application, but this railing is also great for decks.
This is the most expensive style of railing we offer, and is made by a local Flagstaff fabricator.

Trex 'Transcends' Decking with Trex Select Handrails:

Trex Transcend Decking in Island Mist Color with Trex Select White Handrails.  Installation in Flagstaff AZ

The front porch in the picture above and the rear deck in the picture below are both

Trex Transcend Decking with color matched screws

The decking color is Island Mist and the handrails are Trex Select.

Trex Transcends Decking in Island Mist color with Trex Select White Handrails for a deck in Flagstaff AZ

Trex 'Transcends' Decking with Redwood Handrails:

We install and recommend Trex brand composite decking. 

Trex Transcends Deck with Redwood handrails

The above deck is made of Trex 'Transcends' decking with hidden fasteners.  Color: 'Tree House'.
We installed Redwood guardrails, topped with a Trex 1x6 board.  The handrails are stained 'natural' with Sherwin-Williams Deckscapes.

Trex Stairs:

These deck stairs are made with Trex Transcends deck boards for the treads and handrail cap.
The risers are Trex Fascia boards.
We stained the redwood spindles with SuperDeck Cedar Toner.

Deck stairs made from Trex Transcends decking

Trex Composite Deck Boards with Trex Composite Railing:

Trex Accents decking with Designer Series Railing

Trex "Accents" decking and "Designer" railing.  Colors: Saddle and Madeira.

Posts are 4x4 Doug-Fir with Trex Madeira sleeves and caps.

Siding is LP "smartside" 8" lap siding with LP "smarttrim" installed over siding.

Paint is Sherwin Williams Super Paint.

Trex Decking with Trex Composite Handrails:

Trex Accents Decking, Color = Saddle

Trex brand decking.  Designer series handrails.  Accents deck boards.

Colors: Madeira and Saddle

Trex designer handrail

Trex Post sleeves with Trex post skirts and Trex post caps.  Color match deck screws.

Flagstaff / Munds Park Arizona

Flagstaff Fire Department Tests Different Deck Materials:

The Flagstaff Fire Department tested four brands of Composite deck materials and wood decking.  Trex was the only composite material that performed well:

"Most of the composite materials ignited easily and resulted in high to extreme fire severity (fig. 4).But Trex,* a material made from plastic and wood, performed well. Trex was more difficult to ignite than the other composites and ultimately self-extinguished (fig. 5). Trex's fire resistance appeared to result from its density. The composites that performed poorly were less dense."

As a TrexPro Deck contractor, I recommend Trex as the only composite decking material to use.  Typically a Trex deck is installed on Doug-Fir Framing members.  We stain the top edge of the framing members before applying the deck boards. This helps the framing to last longer and color coordinate with the Trex material (light colored framing would otherwise be visible between the recommended 1/4" gap in the deck boards).

Redwood Decks:

Due to the high cost and high maintenance of Redwood decks, we highly recommend considering Trex Composite decking.

However, here are a few samples of our Redwood decks.

One of our Redwood decks was featured in Stanley's Guide to Decks by David Toht:

Redwood Deck with Redwood handrails

We build our Redwood decks and handrails with corrosion resistant fasteners.  All deck boards are screwed to the joists, after the tops of the joists have been sealed for protection.

Redwood Deck and Redwood handrails, Peak View st Flagstaff, AZ:

Redwood deck in Flagstaff Arizona

The deck above is built with 6" x 6" Redwood posts under the main deck.  The post to beam connection is a decorative metal 'T' bracket. This deck also has a 2x12 Redwood rim joist to match the redwood handrails and to give a nicer view from the street.

Below: unstained Redwood Handrail built to code requirements.

Redwood Handrail

All Guardrails must be at least 36" high.  Guardrails that are also Handrails must be between 36" and 38" high and must have a 'grippable' handrail that continues from the top of the stairs to the next full landing - See the picture below:

Redwood Staircase

Redwood deck and handrail with clear sealer:

Redwood deck in Kachina Village

We built this all Redwood deck in Kachina Village and installed a new concrete landing.

Notice the graspable handrail required by code on the left side of the staircase.

Decks 30" or more above ground require a guardrail.

We sealed the Redwood in these pictures with two coats of Sherwin-Williams brand 'clear' Acrylic sealer.

Decks in Flagstaff should be re-stained or water sealed every two years on the horizontal surfaces and every four years on the vertical surfaces.

Redwood deck staircase


Deck Footings:

Footing under a Redwood deck

In Flagstaff and Coconino county, decks are required to have 30" deep concrete footings reinforced with #4 Rebar.

In the deck above we used round concrete forms with Simpson brand brackets and a exterior rated GLB to hold up the deck.  Decks in the Flagstaff area must be built to withstand heavy snow loads.  (View the 'other guys' work here)

The deck framing is also required to be sealed with two coats by code.  We used a 'clear' sealer on this deck, which preserves the natural color of the Redwood decking and handrails as well as the Doug-Fir framing members. 

Redwood Railing Options:

Redwood Railing on a Deck

Redwood Hand rail with Trex Cap

Short Spindle Style:

This style of handrail has the spindles ending on a Redwood 2'x4' about 3.5" above the deck surface.  This can be useful for shoveling snow if the rail is located in a high traffic area.  However this style is not as strong as the handrail pictured below.

Redwood Handrail with Trex Cap

Full Length Spindle Style:

This style of handrail is made of Redwood and the spindles continue down on to the Rim Joist of the deck.  This is our preferred method of handrail installation as it provides the maximum strength.

Redwood hand rail on a Trex deck

Pictured below is Trex brand composite decking with Redwood handrails.
The Redwood handrails are capped with a 5/4" x 6" Trex deck board.

Trex Decking with Redwood Handrails

(Color of Decking: Trex 'Saddle'.)

In the Picture above we also installed the new LP brand 'SmartSide' Siding, followed by two coats of Sherwin Williams Paint.

Trex deck with Redwood handrails and gate:

Trex deck with Redwood handrails and gate

The deck above and below is made with Trex brand 'Transcends' deck boards with hidden fasteners. Color: Tree House

We installed a gate to comply with H.O.A. regulations, but it is also useful for pets.

Trex deck and redwood handrails in Country Club area of Flagstaff Arizona

If you are thinking about replacing your existing deck boards with composite decking (Trex), remember that Trex requires 16" on center framing.  Typically Redwood decks are built with 24" on center framing.

New decks, deck expansions, and deck replacements often require plans and a permit, especially if the deck is 30" above the ground.  We can arrange for one of our plans drafters to meet with you to discuss your design and draft your plans (hourly rates apply).

Call for an estimate.

Here is an example of a 12' x 16' Trex Deck with Redwood handrails.  The stairs also have a Trex Riser board installed. 

Trex Deck with Redwood Handrails in Flagstaff Arizona by Highwood Construction

Color: Trex Transcends Treehouse.  Handrails: Redwood with Sherwin-Williams Deckscapes Oil-Based Redwood Toner.

This Deck railing is made of redwood with black stain and black round aluminum balusters.
Aluminum balusters are low maintenance and will not rust.

black round aluminum balusters in a redwood railing that is stained black

Deck Stairs:

Here is an option for heavy duty stairs.
These stairs are made from 4" x 12" Doug-Fir stringers and treads:

Doug Fir 4x12 stairs on a deck with solid color stain

The railings on the stairs pictured above are Redwood 2x2 spindles and Redwood 6x6 posts.
The stain is Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck solid color stain - 2 coats.
We put tread grip sand in the stain on top of the treads to give better traction in slippery conditions.

Proper Deck Building Procedures:

Providing proper drainage under the deck and away from the house is important. Also installing a moisture barrier between the deck ledger board and the house siding helps prevent damage to both the house and the deck from water.  For this deck, we installed Grip-Rite brand self-adhesive moister barrier before installing the ledger board.

Site Prep for a Deck in Flagstaff Arizona    Closeup of Decking Site Prep in a backyard in Flagstaff AZ

The picture below shows how we flash under and behind the first deck board to help direct rain and snow melt away from the house and the underlying deck framing.  Typically we use a metal flashing, which we attach to the house with fasteners and seal it on the backside with caulking.  Notice how this first deck board is fastened with color-coordinated finish screws.

Flasing the ledger board of a deck against the house

The following picture demonstrates the installation of Trex decking with concealed fasteners.  Notice how we stained the top edge of the joists before installing the deck boards.  The solid-color stain will help prevent moisture damage in the long run.  This is important in Flagstaff, due to monsoon rains in the summer and snow sitting on the deck in the winter. 

Staining of top of joists before installing Trex Deck boards

Trex has also introduced a new product called Trex Protect which protects the top of joists even better than solid color stain.


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