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Siding Installation and Repairs

Siding Installation in Flagstaff Arizona

We use Hardi brand and LP brand lap siding, log siding, and natural masonry.

New LP brand 'SmartSide' Siding with composite accent shingles over garage and Malapai stone:

LP SmartSide Siding Installation with Malapai Stone

We do not recommend using Aluminum siding because it dents easily and is more difficult to repair.

We do not recommend using Vinyl siding because it fades quickly at high altitudes and also becomes brittle and then breaks easily.

A properly built home includes solid 1/2" sheathing underneath the siding.  The sheathing is then covered by a house-wrap.  After this the siding is installed and painted.  Below is a custom home by Mark Haughwout:

siding picture         siding picture

We do siding repairs as well, including woodpecker hole repair.  If you live in a high wind area (Doney Park!), your siding may not be properly nailed.  If you see signs of loose or flopping siding, call us to properly nail it before is starts blowing off.  We have seen numerous homes with cement board siding that has become loose and even blown off because of improper nailing.

House Wrap:

A quality siding job includes 1/2" OSB sheathing and a quality house wrap.  Although code only requires shear panels at the corners, by installing 1/2" ply or OSB on the entire exterior, greater strength is acquired.  House wrap adds a small amount of R-value, but adds a lot in terms of wind penetration and rain protection.  In the picture below our carpenters are in the midst of installing house wrap over this new home in Flagstaff.

Installing house wrap in preparation for siding


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