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Special Construction Projects

We often take on unique and custom construction projects.

Our ability to perform almost every phase of construction in-house allows us to complete projects quicker and more efficiently than other contractors. 


Metal Roofing

Newly installed metal roof in Flagstaff Arizona

We only recommend standing-seam hidden fastener metal roof systems.  Notice the hemmed edges at the bottom. 
Hemmed edges add strength and beauty to our metal roofing systems.  These metal roofs have a Class A fire rating. 

Green metal roofing in Flagstaff AZ   Metal roofing next to siding at a job in Flagstaff AZ  

Notice the absence of fasteners in the pictures above.  This is a "hidden fastener, standing-seam"  metal roof.  The only kind we recommend. 
It is the most durable and best looking metal roof system out there. Our metal roofs are available in a wide range of colors and also in Copper.

Composition Roofing

Composition roofing being installed in Flagstaff Arizona

On our remodel projects, we are able to complete the roofing phase in-house.  This helps keep our projects progressing smoothly.

We install snow and ice shield at all eves and in all valleys.  We install 30# felt paper throughout the rest of the roof (unlike our competition that only uses 15# felt paper).

Installing roofing after Asbestos abatement on one of our remodel projects in Flagstaff:

Roofers at work in flagstaff arizona    Roofers preparring to reroof in Flagstaff

Our crew works year round, we aren't afraid of the cold!

Common roofing problems:

Drip edge:

One of the major problems we have seen with "the other guys" roofing methods is the installation of the lower drip edge ON TOP of the snow and ice shield instead of under it.  By installing drip edge improperly, water is directed behind the drip edge on to the roof decking and fascia causing leaks and water damage.


Improper flashing around penetrations, skylights and against siding are common causes of leaks.  Additionally, roofing crickets are almost always built incorrectly causing damage to the home due to water penetration.  Crickets should extend several inches beyond the wall they are designed to protect. 


Improper installation and incorrect underlayment materials are common causes of leaks resulting from Ice dams.



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