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Your Front door is a center piece of your home.  Let us custom order and install your new All-Weather Entry System!

We recommend Fiberglass doors if they are exposed to the elements.  We do not recommend metal doors as they tend to dent.

We do not recommend installing wood doors in areas that receive a lot of sunshine or exposure to rain or snow.  Even the best exterior marine varnish will not hold up against the U.V. rays at Flagstaff's elevation. We will only recommend the door system that is best for your home!


Lever style door handles are required for ADA applications.
These type of handles make opening a door easier for persons with disabilities.
Lever style door handle on a smooth finish door
Smooth finish door installed by Highwood Construction

This is an example of a smooth finish door with 'streamline' door casing, and brass hardware.

This door is a "right-hand Hinge" because you can see the hinges on the right side.  It is also called a "left-hand Pull" because you pull the knob with your left hand.

This is important when ordering a door.  Let Highwood Construction and Remodeling install or replace your doors.  We will make sure you get the right product for you home or business.  We can offer turn-key service including painting or staining of your new door after we install it.


New French doors installed in an interior wall.   French doors installed in an interior wall




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