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Custom Shed / Workshop:

A new Custom Shed with a metal roof.  The siding on this shed is board and batten with a real stone veneer near the bottom.

This custom shed / workshop was built with 9' walls at 16" o.c. and a 8/12 roof pitch allowing for loft storage inside.

Building a better shed:


The foundation of this shed is made of 4000 pound concrete with #4 rebar throughout the footer and slab.
The slab on this shed exceeds the design used in new homes!


The walls are 2x4 construction at 16" o.c.  The roof framing is 2x6 construction with 3/4" tongue and groove roof decking.
The headers are LVL beams - serious overkill!


The siding on this shed is 'board and batten' style.  We used LP smartside products for greater strength and durability.
The horizontal trim board above the rock has a 5 degree bevel on it so that snow and rain will drain off properly.
Details such as beveling trim boards is something I have seen no other contractor do. It takes a lot more time, but creates a product that will last much longer.

Stone Veneer:

The stone veneer at the bottom of the shed sits on a concrete ledge, which was designed into the footer.
Before installing the rock, we installed 60# membrane over the lower part of the siding.
This was followed by a layer of wire mesh. Wire mesh or expanded metal gives some extra surface for the mortar to attach to.
Finally the stone-masons used brick ties to help secure the stone to the wall.


The metal roofing on this shed is designed to rust but contains a special formulation of metals so that once a patina of rust has formed, the rusting process will be inhibited.  This is different than bare steel which will continue to rust.  This special formula is sold under the the CoreTen name as well as other brand names.
Special stainless steel screws are used to attach the roofing.  The screws are painted rust-color so that they will match the roofing after the roofing rusts.
There is continuous ridge venting at the roof peak, to allow moisture and hot air to escape.
The heavy duty corrugated metal roof on this shed costs about 4 times more than composition shingles.

Door and Window:

The front door on this shed is a custom 7' tall fiberglass solid-core door with 'rain' glass in the half-lite at the top.
The door knob and hinges are 'oil-rubbed bronze'.

The window on this shed is a vinyl, energy efficient, dual-pane window.


For the inside of the shed, we sprayed all the walls and ceilings with a coat of pure white paint to make the inside clean and bright.
The paint on the inside is oil-based Kilz brand primer. 
In addition to providing a clean white surface, it also blocks moisture from going through the siding from the inside to the outside.
This will significantly lengthen the life of the siding and prevent peeling and delamination.

The Exterior Paint is 2-coats of Dunn-Edwards premium paint in a low-sheen finish. 
Of course we primed all the raw wood first before apply two top coats.
We also brushed applied the final coat on the fascia before installing the roof.
All nail heads were also primed and caulked even though we used galvanized nails.

Yes, this shed is built far better than your home...

Estimated cost: $20,000.00

Why we build things to last.... just in case the world doesn't end tomorrow, your great great grandchildren will bless you for hiring us!


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